Step 3: Funding & Capacity Building

verynice_featured_icon_dynamicshadow1-02Funding, Capacity Building, & Team Building

Step 3 is a critical point for your organization to build the opportunity and capacity to take your pilot project to a full scale project. The new resources, supporters, and funding you raise in this step will prepare you to officially launch in Step 4! Remember to use your work from Step 2 to show proof of your organization in your pitch and visual presentation when convincing others to support your organization. Let’s start:

You’re on this page because you’ve answered “No” to either one of these questions:

  • Have you begun to build your team around your idea?
  • Have you applied to at least 3 different funding opportunities?
  • Do you have at least 2 other members as committed staff or volunteers in your organization?
  • Have you identified and contacted key resources for you to partner with for your organization?

Here are additional questions you should be asking yourself while in this phase, to better prepare yourself to complete this phase and move on to the next phase:

  • With the cost breakdown of your organization’s services and value, what is your financial plan for the next 6 months and the next 12 months from where you are today to achieve your top 3 goals.
  • What are the critical roles for your organization to have on the team in order to successfully achieve your top 3 goals?
  •  Can you break down your top 3 goals concretely into fundable items or services?


Here is a scenario example of an organization that has confidently achieved Step 3:

   With a growing following on social media, a full rolodex, and positive results from the organization’s pilot program––the founder has become more and more ready to prepare the organization to launch. In order to do so, he needs a few volunteers to maintain the current work while he prepares for new fundraising opportunities.

   Taking what the founder learned in Step 2, he takes the evidence from the previous stage to develop a concrete plan of why they need to be funded, what costs need to covered, and how this would impact the entire organization. Using this information and all of the previous documentation, the founder sets up a crowd-funding campaign to fundraise $10k to officially launch their organization in 3 months. Through this campaign and their bold multimedia presentation, they were able to not only fundraise successfully but also retain many new campaign participants into consistent donors. The founder was able to do this by reaching out to each campaign supporter personally and sharing his genuine story to each person. Now, the founder finds his email inbox full of people willing to volunteer and work with the organization!


#1 Activity: Listed below are recent successful crowd-funded campaigns for causes.

(Task: Check out the successful crowdfunding campaigns above as inspiration to start thinking about yours. Write down your fundraising pitch using a framework similar to: ex. “The Goal, Background, The Plan, What We need, What You Get, Our Team”)



Move on to Step 4 if you’re comfortable with your current team, resources, network, partners, and funds to move towards your top 3 goals! It’s time to officially launch next!


Next: Step Four




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