Step 4: Launch & Adoption

verynice_featured_icon_dynamicshadow1-02This phase should be the most exciting time to see your organization in full launch and the opportunity for you to continue to refining everything you’ve accomplished in the previous steps. You have already “pre-launched” in the previous steps through the content you created for your organization ranging from your social media, website, multimedia storytelling, and documentation from the organization’s pilot project.

In this step, you will have the chance for a full launch that ties all of the previous steps together. Having reiterated your organization’s mission, strategy, visual presentation, and content several times you should be proud to see how far your organization has come! Now its time to officially launch your organization to effectively serve your beneficiaries and stakeholders. (*Remember to continue to monitor your progress in both qualitative and quantitative measures, jump to Step 5 for tools on analytics.)

You’re on this page because you’ve answered “No” to either one of these questions:

  • Is your organization’s mission and goals––being used and adopted?
  • Has your organization been launched for more than 3 months?
  • Do you already have marketing collateral distributed/displayed for your organization? (logo, website, cards, brand)
  • Have you set up bank accounts for your organization? Do you already have legal & accounting preparations? Do you have system in dealing with new donations, sponsorships, and HR support?

Here are additional questions you should be asking yourself:

  • Can you list 3 different channels that your organization is adopted by your supporters or stakeholders?
  • Have you marketed your organization’s work to over 500 people?
  • Do you have metric categories to track your organization’s conversations and progress?


   Having built a core team around the founder’s organization, a substantial following, a reasonable amount of funding, and a positive impact from the pilot project––this is the perfect opportunity for a full-scale launch. The founder starts creating an online and offline launch campaign using the resources available. While putting the strategy together, the founder realizes that the launch would help the organization serve a 100 more beneficiaries in addition to the 20 the organization started for the pilot project. Excited by the possibilities of serving more people with this campaign, the founder names the campaign “The Future 100 Campaign”.

   Using resources like Mailchimp, social media networks, bloggers, probono designers, volunteers, an event planning intern, sponsors, and a donated event space––the organization puts together a fun event to mark the official launch of the organization. The event is put together as a fun mixer for the founder’s network and the organizations growing supporters. The organization also sells a new product symbolizing the the organization’s mission as a means to raise more money and connect with their supporters through a physical product.

   Finally, this becomes the perfect opportunity for the founder to capture the hearts and minds of the supporters by putting together a short documentary of the pilot project and of the stories of the individuals involved. Honest, touching, & uplifting this short-documentary becomes a viral piece of media shared across many social media platforms. With the additional social media buzz, the organization is now receiving an overwhelming amount of probono offers, volunteer requests, and online donations.


#1 Activity––Launching successfully never has an end, but an ongoing process of managing new growth and keeping your promises as an organization.

(Task: Pretend that tomorrow you get 1,000 interested volunteers or probono offers. Get out a piece of paper and write down what your strategy is in dealing with new volunteer requests and a variety of probono offers. Will your strategy be aligned with your top #3 goals for the organization? How will it help your organization move forward in achieving it’s mission?)

#2 Activity––You may not expect it, but you are bound to have an increased amount of website traffic. What is your plan in increasing website turnover rate from viewer to clicker to engager?

(Task: Pretend that tomorrow you get an additional 1,000 people viewing your website. Will they be seeing your most valuable content? Will they quickly know how to share your organization and take action? Get out a piece of paper write down you strategy for improving your current website’s structure and content for 1,000 more new views online.)


Youtube for Nonprofits

MailChimp for Nonprofits


Is your organization growing steadily and moving towards the top #3 goals? Now it’s time to take measurement and assessment on a deeper level in Step 5!


Next: Step Five




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