about the authors

Matthew Manos 

Matt Manos

is a neo-philanthropist, creative director, and entrepreneur that is dedicated to disrupting the economic models of service-oriented business. Since 2008, Matt Manos has been the founder & CEO of verynice.

Current Research Areas of Interest & Focus:
01 – Business as a Medium for Critical Design Research
02 – Designing Sustainable Models for Philanthropy in Small Business
03 – The Role of “Free” in Business (Altruistic & Strategic)

Visit MattManos.com to see more of his current work.





Sheena Yoon

is an entrepreneurial activist who loves to work at the intersection of technology, business, design & science for human development. Sheena comes from SF & DC with a background in international development, social entrepreneurship, consulting, nonprofits, and research with a wide range of organizations. She’s always striving to apply systems thinking and interdisciplinary practices in her work for challenges that threaten human equality.

Sheena co-authored the verynice guide to non-profit business development during her fellowship at verynice as their first ever “Entrepreneur in Residence.” You can find her currently in Washington D.C., on Twitter, or elsewhere.


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